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Christopher Bush is a Sustainable Agriculture Pioneer who is 12 years into his 5 year plan. He had to wait for the world to catch up with systems thinking, and be willing to address the food/energy/water nexus to overcome the challenges to each part.

Chris built the first anaerobic digester for agriculture in his home Province of British Columbia Canada, which was also the first biogas plant in North America to deliver Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) from a farm to a utility grid, providing gas to more than 1000 homes, created from the manure of cows, chickens and pigs.

He now leads an applied science group, working on Advanced Systems Integration biorefineries for sustainable resource management and utilization in a program called “Technology Meets Permaculture – Zero Waste Agriculture”.

He is also leading the charge to create the “BC Centre for BioResource Innovation”, a unifying complex bringing all of agriculture and agri-foods together in a single campus, with all available technologies, to advance the world on sustainable food systems.

Chris was a winner of the 2017 HeroX to be an Impact Designer at XPRIZE, and served on the Clean Air team under Christine Harada. (Former Chief Sustainability Officer for the Obama Administration) Chris is also serving as a Curator for the Hello Tomorrow Program, headquartered in Paris France. The HT challenge has a €100K grand prize for the BEST Deeptech idea submitted.

You can learn more about him in either of his two TEDx Talks, "Poop Soup and the Inevitable Global Movement" (2016) or "The Great Reboot of Agriculture" (2018)